Volusia County Schools - Prototype Elementary School

1Hall & Ogle was selected by Volusia County Schools to design and implement a prototype elementary school to be used as the model for several new schools to be built. The first school built from this prototype was Sweetwater Elementary School, followed by Forest Lake Elementary, Volusia Pines Elementary and Pathways Elementary.


The prototype provided Volusia County Schools with a design that not only met the VCSB educational specifications but also provided the flexibility to easily facilitate revisions and updates of VCSB requirements.


The campus plan is oriented around a central activity/ circulation area - 'Village Square' concept that provides for security and access control. Administrative areas have direct views to central activity/ circulation area, bicycle parking and pedestrian entries, while site development plans provide positive separation of bus circulation/ service areas  and visitor parking/ parent vehicular access areas.


Architectural massing and details create a campus with a distinctive residential scale that enhances the educational environment for the elementary level student.


Building design and construction techniques provide proven quality construction within established construction budgets.


Sweetwater Elementary School

Forest Lake Elementary School


Volusia Pines Elementary School

Pathways Elementary School