Volusia County Schools - Horizon Elementary School Classroom Addition

VCS Nine Classroom Elementary School Additions Hawkins, Hall & Ogle designed a (9) classroom, 12,000 SF prototype elementary school addition to accommodate the needs of the Volusia County School District as it grew. The prototype has been modified and used at (5) different elementary schools in Volusia County:

  1. Pathways Elementary School Completed in 2007
  2. Spruce Creek Elementary School Completed 2007
  3. Sweetwater Elementary School Completed in 2009
  4. Forest Lake Elementary School Completed in 2009
  5. Horizon Elementary School Completed in 2011

The addition at Horizon Elementary School was one of the first projects in the District to successfully feature stained concrete flooring in lieu of VCT. The concrete floor will last longer than VCT and be easier to maintain.