Joe and Kathy Blais

Hall and Ogle Architects is the culmination of over 50 years of experience passed down through the prestigious history of the firm.

Beginning in 1978 when the highly talented and respected local architect Joe Blais left the partnership of Gomon, Fletcher and Blais to form his own firm, Joseph Blais Architect. Joe was responsible for many prominent projects in the Central Florida Area and his reputation for excellence grew quickly.

In 1982 Joe created a partnership with Deland architect Lee Sayers. With their combined talents and experience the new firm of Blais and Sayers Architects would change the cityscape of Daytona Beach and the surrounding communities with years of noteworthy and exemplary projects.

Troy Hawkins




In 1987 the firm acquired a new visionary talent in Troy Hawkins who had relocated from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Together with Joe and Lee, the new firm of Blais, Sayers and Hawkins Architects would successfully complete projects of increasingly larger scope and complexity, all the while maintaining the firm's core ethic of quality in design and construction.

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University College of Aviation

The firm was now growing both in reputation and size as other members became part of the team. John Hall joined the firm as a production architect in 1989 and David Ogle in 1999. For many years the firm grew and flourished, becoming one of the most successful architectural firms in the greater Volusia County area. During this time the firm underwent a transformative few years when Joe suffered a fall in 1991 that led to his early retirement in 1993, and Lee also retired for health reasons a few years later. The logical progression of the firm led Troy to join forces with John Hall as his new partner in 1996, and David Ogle rounding out the trio as the third partner in 2007. With all three partners continued mindset of design excellence nurtured from the start by Joe and Lee, the new firm of Hawkins, Hall and Ogle Architects rose to new heights of sucess only previously dreamed possible.

Left to Right - David Ogle - Troy Hawkins - John Hall

Towards the end of the first decade in 2000, a series of unfortunate circumstances took a heavy toll on the company. Troy Hawkins suffered a jobsite injury that led to his eventual retirement in 2010, and the downfall of the national economy in 2008 challenged not only our firm but also every small architectural firm in the area. Projects were tabled, and the skies darkened, foretelling of an impending storm.

However, like any good ship built on a keel of strength and quality, we were able to survive the weather. After the storm subsided what emerged was an even stronger firm, with our core belief still firmly centered on quality and excellence of design and construction. The new firm name of Hall and Ogle Architects is a living testament to our strength, perseverance and dedication to our community and the excellence of its built environment. You can expect to hear this name for many years to come.